Empowering Sustainable Life Choices & Communities
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About Us

How we Work

As we move forward our priorities are:

  1. Creating opportunity and capacity for change by meeting existing needs and coaching for better life outcomes for individuals.
  2. Building a sustainable, self-reliant community service that is flexible and adaptable to the short term and long term needs of the community
  3. Investing in partnerships and relationships to efficiently deliver outcome driven dividends

Doing things differently
We believe that everyone has a responsibility to the community that they belong to. That's why we believe that the community is best placed to respond to its needs if given the opportunity. At Break the Cycle we have invested in social enterprise businesses such as Community Pantry as a way for the community to build self reliance, and ultimately take responsibility to meeting its own needs by building up existing strengths and developing the necessary support for the vulnerable and enhancing the capacity for change. The result being a higher level of civic, social and economic participation, and a decrease in disadvantage which ultimately leads to a vibrant, stronger community.

Working in Partnership
Our relationships with other like-minded organisations are based on mutual trust and a shared commitment to the people we support. We have many established networks with other organisations working together towards a common goal. We use the resources our partners share with us in responsible and productive ways, enabling and championing their civic and social responsibility in our community.

We believe that all members have a role to play in nurturing the community. Looking to our business leaders, we believe they are best placed to show civic leadership within our communities and rebuilding our social infrastructure. We are confident to partner with external stakeholders so that their investment achieves maximum results.